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Lana (Dr. Livshin) and I first met when she hired me to help design her office. I was so impressed with her values, kindness, attention to detail and clear concern and compassion for her patients that I asked her to be my dentist.

Lana is thorough and completely professional, but she is so much more than that. A visit to her office is like a visit to the home of a friend. She makes the experience of dentistry personal, pleasant and painless. The way she engages children with tales of Mr. Tickletooth and how he makes their mouths feel sleepy, makes them look forward to their next visit. In a world in which true caring and exceptional dental skill is sometimes in short supply, Lana is the rare exception.

Gail Van Kleeck

For thirty years my husband Bill and I had been going to a literally one man dental operation. When he retired we found Family Dentistry. We were hoping it would not be a "factory type" of practice.

To our delight, Family Dentistry turned out to be a team of knowledgeable professionals that are also very caring. Dr. Livshin took the time after examining us to come up with a year plan prioritizing treatment by necessity. Beth, her Office Manager, coordinated with Dr. Livshin so that we maximized our insurance coverage for the year.

When Dr. Livshin and her assistant work together as a team, you know that you are receiving efficient treatment with lots of caring for your comfort. We are so grateful we found this team!


We retired to Florida almost 20 years ago and returned home about 5 years ago. We were looking for a dentist and a friend of mine recommended Dr. Livshin. Being very nervous of dentists I thought we would try to get an appointment with her.. (which we did)

I can remember that first day so well, my husband had to all but push me in the door. That's how nervous I was. I know Dr. Livshin could sense it just looking at me. After going to her for awhile I lost a lot of my fear of dentists. Thanks to her, I do not need a push to go through that door. In fact I even smile when we go in and we start talking to "Beth" the receptionist.

All of the staff are really very pleasant and make you feel right at home. My husband and I are so glad we started with Dr. Livshin, our experience has been very positive and we would highly recommend her.

Jean & Marty McDonough

Dr. Livshin has been our family dentist for over 5 years, providing not only excellent dentistry, but also a genuine concern for the well being of her patients. She has earned my deepest respect and trust by engaging me in the decision making over treatment options, while always guiding me with her recommendations. I am grateful to have encountered her, both professionally and personally. Thank you, Lana, for your expertise and kindness!

Karen Griffey